Monday, September 28, 2015

Week 66

We are doing very well.  I baptized T. on Saturday.  He is a very special man, and I am super excited for him to be a member of the church.  The baptism was excellent, and there wasn't a single problem.  I will write more about the baptism next week.  We went with the familia M, and we got all the papers taken care of.  They're going to turn the finished folder in this week, so they can process the papers.  The other investigators are doing well.  Unfortunately, some families have stopped to put much effort in changing, but we hope the conference will encourage them to continue.  

Helping at a fundraiser

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Week 65

Two weeks ago we found a man on the street a little drunk and contacted him.  Talking to drunk people usually leads to them asking you for money, but this man was different.  He gave us his phone number and his address, and we came to his house to visit him.  He had read all the pamphlet of the Restoration.  We had a very nice lesson with him and challenged him to baptism.  We were very happy to see him on Sunday at church.  For all the rejection and failed attempts to teach many people, having success with one person is worth the struggle. 

Aaron and Elder Queme

Friday, September 18, 2015

Week 64

They closed one of the areas here for the rest of the change, now there are only us and 4 hermanas in the district.  We have a baptism on Saturday.  I'll write a blog post later after he gets baptized.  His brother is a member. We have had several lessons with his family, but only he wants to get baptized at the moment.  One of his cousins was interested.  

The families are working for their marriage.  There will be another fundraiser this Friday.  They're working very hard.  We are making and selling donuts for the fundraiser.

I learned a story about baleadas. There once was a woman selling wrapped tortillas, and she was well known for her delicious food.  One day, she was assaulted and shot (with bullets:  balas in Spanish). She died, but her food lived on.  From that day on, people wouldn’t say, “I’m going to the restaurant.”  Instead, they would claim, “I’m going to the baleada" (literally: shot woman).  And that is how wrapped tortillas became baleadas.  A name that defines the favorite food of a nation.


Aaron picked fresh fruit

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Week 63

This week was good. I like my new companion, Elder Quemé. He is a good missionary and likes to work. We get along well. We have been finding new families to teach. The branch has been doing well, and it is growing in size and strength every week.

It's Rambután season.  Every time we go, the families give us a ton of fruit. Its super tasty.

Zone conference

Aaron and Elder Queme