Sunday, April 19, 2015

Week 42

Hi everyone!

I feel very happy because my little brother Spencer was baptized on Saturday.  I am very proud of the big step he has taken to follow the Savior's example.  I am sure his baptism will bring great happiness and blessings to his life as it has done so in mine.  

This week was good.  We are teaching several people who are learning very well.  Five were able to attend on Sunday.  We were able to challenge two people, L. and V., to be baptized and both accepted, so we are excited for them. We also lent service twice during the week- we did some yard work and some exterminating work.  I'd never killed more cockroaches in my life.  We had to kill them with our feet.  I wanted to sing the 'la cucaracha' song the whole time, but I couldn't remember the lyrics.  We are doing well and are ready to keep working this next week with the awesome people we are teaching. We also look forward to teaching new families.  

Monday, April 6, 2015

Week 41

This past week was good.  General Conference was great.  I really enjoyed the messages given.  They were clear, direct, and inspiring.  I hope to study them and learn from them as best I can for the next six months. We were able to bring three investigators to attend at least one session of the conference.  I hope their experience helps them gain a testimony of the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  It was difficult to bring them, but the sacrifice was worth it.  

We have been blessed with three service projects in the past two weeks. They were the following: loading several truck loads of wood and giving them to poor families who use clay ovens to cook, painting a house, and doing yard work.  The services were great opportunities to help those in need and also great learning moments.  

We continue to work with the same people and are excited to see them progress more each discussion we share with them.  

Unfortunately, we have cancelled English classes due to poor attendance, which was sad for me.  A mother who attended the classes regularly with her son told me how the classes had helped her son obtain higher grades in his English classes in school. That made me happy to know that we had an impact in his education.
Aaron P-day

Service project- painting a house

Aaron and Elder Tumax

Pineapple plant

Week 40

This week was good.  R. was baptized on Saturday and confirmed on Sunday.  His baptism was very special- there was a spirit of reverence unlike I have seen before in my mission.  The conversion of R. was incredible to be a part of.  The faith, desire, and actions he made to change his life were inspiring.  I know that as he continues to press forward, many grand blessings await him.  

Things have mostly been stagnant here.  We have been inviting many to attend general conference this weekend.  We hope that many attend.  As a missionary, I've learned to love conference and try to learn from the teachings of the Prophet and Apostles as well as I can.  

The next week is Semana Santa.  It's a week long holiday that commemorates the last week of the life of Jesus Christ.  Each place has their specific local traditions, so it's cool to see and learn about the local culture here.

R's baptism

Week 39

This week was good. R's baptism has been moved to this Saturday. We are very excited for him. Only R. was able to come to church on Sunday. The other investigators are progressing well. We have two new families that are progressing. The familia B. and the familia M. Everything else is going well. There's not much new.

Everything else is going well.  Mangos are almost in season now.  There is a ton of fruit here in Honduras!

Zone conference

Dole pineapple plantation