Sunday, February 22, 2015

Week 34

This week was good, and we worked hard.  

We found many new people to teach.  They are all nice and receptive.  

We had divisions from Wednesday to Sunday.  I worked here with Elder Mendez from El Salvador, and my companion went to another area to work with Elder Hansgen.  We were all able to learn new things and make new friendships.  

We are planning R´s baptism this Saturday.  He is very excited.  We have been teaching him the letters of the alphabet with cards.  

F is doing very well.  We invited her husband to accompany us in a discussion this week. She wants to be baptized.  

We are currently teaching various new families, and people are enjoying the message and learning a lot.  We are looking forward to seeing their progress and the blessings that are in store for each one of them.  

Thank you for all your support!

Aaron and Elder Tumax

Aaron and Elder Ventura

Aaron eating chicken that he helped cook

Banana tree

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Week 33

I am doing well!

One of our investigators, R has stopped smoking for three weeks.  We're planning his baptism for the 21st.  He is very excited and working hard.  R can't read, so we have been teaching him how to read also.

F is learning a lot and has been really enjoying the Book of Mormon and the Church.  She is finding strength through their messages to face the problems in her life.  She even printed scriptures to put on the door of her room.  She is working hard to meet the requirements for baptism.  We are very excited for her. 

We have been teaching R who worked as a retired school teacher.  She is reading the Book of Mormon and learning the lessons.  She is praying and reading to find out the truth.  We are also excited for her.  

We have been working hard this past week and are excited to see the progress of the investigators.  I am getting a little better every day at teaching and speaking Spanish.  We give English classes every week also, which are fun. 

I received many of my Christmas packages and letters this week!  I loved them all!  Thank you everyone for all the support that you have given me!  I feel overwhelmed to know that so many of you care for me.

I found out that Latinos don't like mint chocolate or wasabi when I was sharing my packages. They think it's super gross. Haha.

P-day soccer!
Indoor soccer court

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Week 32

I am doing well.  We have been working hard here this last week.  It's difficult.  

We've been teaching this joven, J and his mom.  J is 13, and his mom is single. They've been in contact with the missionaries for about a year.  They are a nice family.  J has been coming to church, but hasn't gotten baptized.  He understands the restoration of the gospel, the Plan of Salvation, and all the commandments well.  

We had invited the two to read the scriptures and to pray about baptism.  We went Sunday to share a scripture about baptism, the atonement of Jesus Christ, and our responsibility to follow Him.  We invited them to be baptized.  His Mom said he's not ready, and he isn't sure. We tried very hard to explain that baptism was a big step, but that it was also a commandment, that he would be blessed for taking a big act of faith.  We told him would receive the help necessary from God for his obedience.  We explained that we are all imperfect and that participating in the sacrament renews our baptismal covenants. She told us that she is always willing to receive us and our lessons, but didn't want her son to get baptized.  We've worked very hard with him trying to help him to follow Heavenly Father's plan and the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  I really hope they do pray about baptism.  I hope they do because if they do, they will receive an answer to their prayers.

F and M came to church this week again! They enjoyed it a lot.  F is very attentive in Sunday school class and always answers the questions.  We had a lesson with her boyfriend this past week, but he decided to go out with his friends instead of coming to church.  She is awesome and is learning a lot from church and the discussions.  She also gives us milk and coconut tablets from her home business which she and her boyfriend run.  F has some challenges in her life. We're sure that with patience, diligence, and faith, she'll reach her goal of baptism!

We have been teaching R for about 3 weeks now.  We've visited her a handful of times.  She's a teacher and very nice.  She has been reading the lessons and the Book of Mormon.  She says she will pray to ask God if the Book is true and about baptism. 

We have been meeting a lot of new people.  Many of them are really nice people.  We're doing our best to make a positive difference here!  

Aaron decided to try out the popular Honduran haircut