Sunday, November 30, 2014

Week 22

We brought K and J to a baptism.  It was very sweet and spiritual.  The opening prayer was given by the boy's older sister, in which she said "Thank you because my brother is getting baptized".  It was really cute.  

My birthday was nice.  I was able to eat a nice dinner the day before my birthday.  I also bought some fresh fruit.  I got some nice emails and happy birthdays from some missionaries, members, family, and friends.  Thank you! 

My $7 birthday dinner
 Birthday mandarines and oranges yeah!

Zancudo aplastado - a squished mosquito for my birthday.  The Hermana Marziegos (murcielago) gave it to me haha.  It was really funny.  There are sooooo many mosquitos here.

 A street

Monday, November 17, 2014

Week 21

This week was wasn't great.  We were going to have two baptisms on my birthday and they both fell through.  Elder Salcedo also got pretty sick this week.   

We have two investigators- super macizos.  J and K.   They're learning a lot, are very interested, and are really good kids.  We are very excited for them.  

I've lost about 5-10 pounds I think.  I've been starting to eat more.  They use a lot a lot of oil or vegetable shortening when they cook.  I have a little more fat now, but not much.  

I'm teaching English classes with one of the Hermanas- it's pretty awesome.  We're also doing 2 noches de hermanamiento every week here in the different neighborhoods.  I don't know how'd you call them in English, they're like mutual but for all ages with investigators and cooler. 

I love and miss you all!

Eating at the cafe

Pday and ice cream

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Week 20

This week has been great.  Élder Salcedo and I are teaching many people, and they are progressing and learning more each day of the plan that their Heavenly Father has for them.  Many are preparing for their baptisms.  We are very excited for these wonderful people and their faith and desire to follow the example of Jesus Christ in their lives.  We are doing the very best we can to help them reach their goals of being baptized and entering the gate to true happiness and peace in this Earth. I am grateful to share the message of joy in eternal families for all time with our Heavenly Father.  There are always challenges in our lives, but as He said, I am the life, the light, and the way; He that believeth in me shall have eternal life.  I don't know any promise greater than that which He offers us.  Through His grace and His mercy and His love, He saves us from death and sin, and preserves what is most precious to us in this life for all eternity if we should only believe on His words. He lives, and because He lives, we shall live also. He guides this church and has given us the way.

I am so grateful to be a missionary.  I want to teach others how the gospel can bless our lives. The gospel has blessed my life beyond what I can describe.  It's been difficult, but more rewarding than difficult.  I know that our Heavenly Father has a special and different plan for each one of us, His children.  But, I know also that this special plan unites us all in and through our faith in the living Son of God.  
Spanish is great!  I want to speak like a native.  The vowel sounds almost always are produced in high positions in your mouth.  Your nose always vibrates with Spanish vowels.  It's fun to speak Spanish, but at times it is very difficult to say what I want.

I love you all and cannot thank you enough for the support you all provide me each week.  It is sustaining and helps me do my best here.  I wish that all of you remember Him this season of Thanksgiving and the blessings we all have because of Their love.  


Week 19

For a while we have been teaching two investigators, A and E.  E is the aunt of A.  One day as we visited her and invited her to get baptized, she told us a very spiritual experience.  She told us that throughout her life, she has received many visits from different religions and always listened to them.  But when the missionaries arrived, she felt something different.  Ever since we started visiting her and A, she has felt a change in her home and life.  A has always read and prayed about the church, and told us that through the change she has seen in her home and in her aunt, she knows the church is true.  E and A accepted the invitation to be baptized; we are working with them to help them reach their goal!

Aaron and Elder Salcedo

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Week 18

This week was good.  On Tuesday, we helped a local elementary school.  We sanded and painted the desks and the door of their class.  We also cleaned out their drains (it floods there very easily).  It was a great experience helping out the teachers and the children.  The service we gave meant a lot to the school. 

We are teaching a lot of people at the moment.  A lot are progressing as well.  Many wish to get baptized.  We're working hard to help them reach their goal.  A lot of challenges always pop up in the lives of the people here! A lot of new families and people.  All of them are wonderful and special children of God.  It's always a privilege to teach and serve every person we meet.

Elder Zepeda is  a Zone Leader.  He's from El Salvador and a great missionary.  We went on divisions with the Zone Leaders this week.  

It was sad to see Elder Cruz leave.  He was very well loved here.  Many people were sad, and a few cried.  It's incredible to see how he blessed the lives of many here, and I want to do the same throughout my mission.  It was great being his companion for four months.  

I am very grateful for the opportunity to serve and grow from my service. 

My new companion is Elder Salcedo from Peru. He's the new District Leader.  We're going to help each other with Spanish and English cause he wants to learn English well.  I just hope we can keep up all the good work we've put in the past four months with Elder Cruz.

Some investigators
An investigator

Saying goodbye to Elder Cruz

Elder Salcedo

Aaron and "K"

Aaron and "O"

Aaron working on a desk

Service project
Refinished desks

Member mom who takes care of us.

Elder Zepeda