Sunday, March 27, 2016

Week 93

We have a baptism this week.  The investigator decided to go to church with her member daughter who finally got Sunday off from work. While hearing one of the talks, she felt the spirit and talked to the bishop afterwards.  She told him that she wants to get baptized.  We're visiting her today.  We had only visited her twice before, but wow, cool right?

Internet cafe where I get to email home

The internet cafe is barred up for safety

Local market where we shop 

We cook dinner on the floor since we have no counter. We eat at our desk.

Week 92

The multi-zone conference went well.  I enjoyed playing for it.  I've missed being able to play the piano at church.  The piano in the chapel for our ward is kind of bad, but it works.  I'm going to teach piano once a week to a couple of ward members, so someone can play here.  The ward is organizing it.  That'll be fun.  The leaders in this ward are good and give support to the investigators that go to church.

I wore out my roll up keyboard from Brother Truman, so I bought a toy keyboard for $15 at a second hand store.  I was able to compose a new melody on it.  

Elder Reyes

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Week 91

This week was good.  I've gotten 90% better from the bronchitis, so we were able to work everyday. We talked with a lot of people to find those who wanted to learn more about Jesus Christ and follow his teachings. We found some really great people to teach with the desire to learn more about Jesus Christ and follow Him.  It was an exercise of faith having to look for people to teach because the majority of
people didn't want to hear us and didn't want to change their lives. However, looking back, my companion and I could see that it was worth the effort to find those few people who needed to hear the message.

It's nice having access to a piano here.  I'll play for the multi-zone conference, which will be fun.  I've been working on some hymn arrangements and a couple of compositions on P-days in the little time I have to play.

Grocery store

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Week 90

I have had a fever for six days and bronchitis.  I finally am feeling better.  My new area seems hard and a little inconsistent, but we haven't even been here two weeks so things could change.  We've been looking and looking for people to teach, and not much has shown up.  We have a couple of investigators that have prospects, so we're happy to have them, but it gets tiring to knock doors (yell buenas!!!!) for 3 hours at a time. We've been talking to more people in the street and outside of their house because that seems to work better here.  We've also tried different tactics to have people listen to us.  The ward is well established here with good leaders and people who are willing to leave with us, which is nice, the only problem is that we don't have many investigators for them to visit haha.

Aaron and Elder Reyes

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Week 89

My new area is in the city of San Pedro Sula.  It's mostly suburbs and fairly well off in most parts.  Most people don't want to listen to us in the area.  There's been some gang violence, but they usually don't rob missionaries.  Some of the bigger mareros will protect missionaries for what ever reason.  Sometimes they'll kill the thieves that rob the missionaries, so I guess we're fairly well protected.

My new companion is Elder Reyes. He's from Costa Rica and knows Elders Cruz and Solís.  I think he'll be my last companion.  

 I got to play piano yay.  I started composing a new piece.  I can still play all my compositions more or less.  Just a little rusty.  But strangely, I think I'm able to understand music a little better since I've left.

Aaron and Elder Reyes