Friday, January 16, 2015

Week 29

This week was nice.  One of our investigators, F, came to church again with her son.  They both enjoyed it, and F answered many questions in Sunday school.  She has desire to be baptized, but she isn't married with her pareja.  We have been able to find more investigators that are interested, which was really nice.  We are going to work hard with all of them to the best of our ability.  We are giving English classes again.  I enjoy teaching them.  I'm trying to improve myself this change as much as I can with my obedience, diligence, and teaching skills.  

We did a service project on Saturday for a sister from the ward which consisted of chapeando her lawn while getting eaten alive by ants haha.  During the project, we noticed a sister carrying heavy planks of wood to her house (located in the middle of nowhere).  When we finished with the yard work, we all helped the sister carry the wood planks over some very slippery hills (it was raining) to her house.  There were a lot of planks.  When we finished, Elder Tumax asked her if she and her family would like to receive the missionary discussions.  She didn't want anything, but called us angelitos.  It was nice being able to help the two families with what they needed especially because there wasn't anyone to help them, and the tasks were considerably large and difficult.  

Aaron and Elder Ventura

Aaron and Elder Tumax

New Year's!

American food

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