Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Week 58

Hey everyone!

This week has been good! Well, good except for being sick the whole week.  We are continuing with the same families towards their marriage and baptism. Many families have been faced with problems and criticisms recently but are pressing forward with faith.  It inspires me to hear their stories and witness them continue forward.  The Gospel of Jesus Christ has a unique power that gives people the strength and the reason to change themselves and their lives. It teaches us that our choices do matter.  It gives us the hope that we can change.  It gives us the promise that we can live with God one day with our families.  As we learn to live these teachings, we see changes in our lives and blessings.  We are very blessed to help these people and families find the key to true happiness in their lives. More updates to come!

Aaron and Elder Duran

Aaron and Elder Tumax

Zone conference

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