Sunday, March 13, 2016

Week 91

This week was good.  I've gotten 90% better from the bronchitis, so we were able to work everyday. We talked with a lot of people to find those who wanted to learn more about Jesus Christ and follow his teachings. We found some really great people to teach with the desire to learn more about Jesus Christ and follow Him.  It was an exercise of faith having to look for people to teach because the majority of
people didn't want to hear us and didn't want to change their lives. However, looking back, my companion and I could see that it was worth the effort to find those few people who needed to hear the message.

It's nice having access to a piano here.  I'll play for the multi-zone conference, which will be fun.  I've been working on some hymn arrangements and a couple of compositions on P-days in the little time I have to play.

Grocery store

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