Sunday, May 29, 2016

Week 102

This week was very nice.  An hermana was baptized.  Everything went well, and her parents attended.  We are very proud of her for making this decision.  On Sunday, 7 investigators attended church.  It was a miracle that we had time to pick everyone up for church.

Many people think that their spouse or children won't want to talk with us or agree with their decision to go to church, but as we make an effort to talk with them, they're almost always supportive.  An hermana was unsure if her husband would be in accordance for them to attend since they sell tortillas on Sundays.  We visited them another day and talked to him about the gospel and the church for a little bit.  We asked him if he would give them permission to attend church with us.  He was 100% in agreement and even said that when he had time, he'd visit.  We passed by their house and brought them to church with an hermano.  It's interesting to see how that same situation has happened various times here.  

Two converts who had been inactive for 3 months attended church on Sunday with their mother who is investigating the church.

One of our families is doing very well and is planning on going to the temple in June.  An hermano wants to invite some ward members to his house to throw me a farewell party.  I was touched by his love and his gratitude for the gospel in his life.  He told us how the gospel has blessed their family since they've learned about it.

The hermana's baptism

Military housing

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