Sunday, October 5, 2014

Week 14

I've finished 3 months in Honduras! My companion and/or I might get transferred this change. Not sure.  We've been working hard and meeting a lot of new people to teach.  I've been getting to play the piano pretty often recently! I accompanied the Primary Program for both of the wards that attend our chapel.  It was a very spiritual and heartwarming experience.  I get to make/play an arrangement of a hymn with Hermana Baird singing for the next exchanges which should be awesome except I have no idea what to do lol.  I got to go on companion exchanges or divisiones with Elder Royer.  I learned a lot and got to meet some awesome families.

Elder G. just got his mission call to Mexico City Southeast, Mexico yesterday! He leaves in January.  Everyone is very proud of him.  He's pretty prepared since he teaches with us all the time!

I'll come back mah o menoh (mas o menos (more or less)) catracho (Honduran) haha.  The new missionaries came.  About 20 gringos.  Their Spanish was pretty rough... I'm so glad I took and learned Spanish in high school. There are 250 missionaries now.  200 elders and 50 sisters.  One girl started laughing when I gave the opening prayer in a lesson, that was fun lol.  

We had one cool spiritual experience last week.  We were starting a lesson with two new investigators outside of their house by singing a Christmas hymn, and little old man walks over as we're singing to listen to us (he was working on a car across the street.)  When we finished, he shared his testimony with the two investigators about the church.  He told them that this gospel is true, and that two missionaries helped him change his life through the church a long time ago.  He also told them that the gospel had blessed him and made him and his family happy.  He encouraged them to listen to the message that we were teaching.  It was super awesome. We're teaching the investigators at the moment, and it's been going great so far! 

I have my own little bottle of salsa.  The family we eat with told me that I eat like a Honduran now.  I'm trying to work on my pronunciation to sound like a Latino.  I really want to speak and teach well and learn lots, but sometimes the immensity of the task discourages me.  My patriarchal blessing counseled me to study the attributes of Christ and try to live like him.  It's really helped me a lot.  I need to work on all of them.  Especially patience haha.  I realized that I was a lot more prideful than I thought when I went on the mission.  It's been a humbling experience so far and I'm very grateful that I've been able to change and work on being a better person every day.  Sometimes I get frustrated because I can't teach with the fluidity, clarity, and facility that I want to.  I really want to teach well, but faith, diligence, and lots of patience are requisites for that though.

Ugly Ties!

Aaron and Elder Cruz

Aaron at a restaurant

Elder G. just got his mission call to Mexico City Southeast, Mexico

A lizard

The Gorge
Aaron and "K" at the gorge.  "K" said that he caught a crocodile here and ate it.

Aaron, Elder Cruz, and "K"

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