Saturday, October 11, 2014

Week 15

We have a new companion- Elder F.  He is from Tegucigalpa and will be working with us for at least two weeks until the paper for permission gets approved for him to go to the CCM in Guatemala.  He will serve in Nicaragua.  

With the help of Bryan, we have been able to go on divisions almost every day and teach twice as many people.  It's lot harder being the senior companion and training, but the added responsibility is teaching me how to be a better missionary.  Elder F. is learning very quickly and doing an excellent job, especially for not having attended the CCM.  These next 9 or so days are going to be excellent with his added help! 

But for the most part, it will be just me and Elder F. teaching together and Bryan and Elder Cruz.  Elder Cruz told President Klein in his email that he thought I was ready to train when we finished the 12 weeks, and he trusts me and him enough to do it.  Another Elder told me that President Klein really has a lot of trust in his trainers, so I really need to live up to that trust he gave me.  It's like the talk pres. Uchdorf gave during the priesthood session on a lot of different levels.  I need to heed the counsel in both ways.  

General Conference was amazing.  I took 24 pages of notes haha. 10 hours of listening to inspired men and women teach pure, true doctrine in a simple but profound way.  It is so wonderful that we have a prophet- we should always follow his words because our Heavenly Father speaks through him and He will never lead us astray.  The messages of love, change, healing, direction, opposition, responsibility, agency, example, leaders, revelation, knowledge, and families (to name a few) were all inspiring.  I especially liked the message in Helaman 5:12 that when we base our lives around the life and example of Christ, we will never falter and be able to endure whatever life throws at us.  Following His example enables us to be who we need to be- even like unto Himself. He enables us to have happiness and peace, not only for ourselves, but with our families.  

I hope to use what I've learned in Conference to help teach the many people here in Honduras that they are sons and daughters of God and the wonderful blessings that their loving Heavenly Father has in store for them as they center their lives on Jesus Christ and His Restored Gospel.  I listened in English so I could take lots and lots of notes.  We watched the two Spanish talks in Spanish.  I am doing great! 

Oh I played at transfer meeting today with the Hermana Baird.  I arranged "Teach me to Walk in the Light of his Love" and "La Luz de la Verdad".  It was hard to transition because I had to change from D major do Bb major.  One of the hardest transitions to do lol.  I ended on a D diminished 7th, to a f dominant 7th to resolve to Bb major.  It was nice even though I didn't have time to do much special.  Hermana Baird sang well.  

I like my haircut a lot.  This guy was a lot better than the last haircut I got.  The transfer will be the first of November.  This cambio is only one month.  

Aaron and Elder F. at the internet cafe

Aaron and Elder F. on P-day

The only mirror in the apartment taped on the wall

Makeshift mop from an old t-shirt and broom

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