Sunday, April 19, 2015

Week 42

Hi everyone!

I feel very happy because my little brother Spencer was baptized on Saturday.  I am very proud of the big step he has taken to follow the Savior's example.  I am sure his baptism will bring great happiness and blessings to his life as it has done so in mine.  

This week was good.  We are teaching several people who are learning very well.  Five were able to attend on Sunday.  We were able to challenge two people, L. and V., to be baptized and both accepted, so we are excited for them. We also lent service twice during the week- we did some yard work and some exterminating work.  I'd never killed more cockroaches in my life.  We had to kill them with our feet.  I wanted to sing the 'la cucaracha' song the whole time, but I couldn't remember the lyrics.  We are doing well and are ready to keep working this next week with the awesome people we are teaching. We also look forward to teaching new families.  

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