Monday, April 6, 2015

Week 40

This week was good.  R. was baptized on Saturday and confirmed on Sunday.  His baptism was very special- there was a spirit of reverence unlike I have seen before in my mission.  The conversion of R. was incredible to be a part of.  The faith, desire, and actions he made to change his life were inspiring.  I know that as he continues to press forward, many grand blessings await him.  

Things have mostly been stagnant here.  We have been inviting many to attend general conference this weekend.  We hope that many attend.  As a missionary, I've learned to love conference and try to learn from the teachings of the Prophet and Apostles as well as I can.  

The next week is Semana Santa.  It's a week long holiday that commemorates the last week of the life of Jesus Christ.  Each place has their specific local traditions, so it's cool to see and learn about the local culture here.

R's baptism

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