Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Week 47

Hey everybody,

I am doing very well.  Élder Solís and I are working hard here and enjoying the life in the mission.  My companion and I have been looking for new people to teach and have met many different and amazing people.  We are excited for the opportunity they have given us to enter in their homes to teach them.  

We recently started to teach the cousin of one of our investigators, F.  His name is B.  We talked with him about Jesus Christ, the church He established, and about the restoration of that church through the prophet Joseph Smith with the Book of Mormon as a testament and evidence of its veracity and the invitation to ask God in a sincere prayer if such things were true.  Returning a week after to visit him again, we asked B. if he had the opportunity to pray about the Book of Mormon and the restoration of the true church of Jesus Christ. 'Yes', he said, so we asked him how he felt upon doing so.  'Muy tranquilo', he replied.  B. told us that he knew the message we had shared with him was true, and he knew that through the power of a simple, humble prayer. We invited him to be baptized the 13th of June, and he accepted.  
I was able to learn from this experience that the Lord always has people prepared and willing to follow Him.  It is our duty to help these people come to the knowledge of the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ.  He will help us and guide us as we try our best to assist Him in his glorious work.  This experience also taught me a impactful lesson about the power of prayer.  A humble, simple prayer with faith will answer the questions that we have not the power to answer for ourselves and to help us do things that through other means, we would be incapable of doing.  

This week we served by digging out a septic pool (just a bunch of dirt and garbage) to help a family build a new bathroom.  It was a good experience.  

Never forget to pray always for yourselves and for your families and for those in need.  The Lord will always listen to and answer your prayers.  Never forget to act in accordance with your prayers so that He will have a base upon which He might help you!

Thank you all for your support and love- I feel it frequently as I serve here in Honduras.  I will continue to work as best as I can for all of you.  

Soccer jersey from World Cup

                     P-day hike with Elder Cruz and Solis

P-day pizza with Elder Solis
First members in Honduras

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