Sunday, May 3, 2015

Week 43

This week was good.  We had three more service projects- chopping grass, chopping even more grass, and moving furniture.  Many investigators are progressing well.  We met new people this week. A few seem interested.  The ward's attendance numbers augmented this Sunday.  R, who was baptized last month gave a talk in Sacrament meeting.  It went very well.  Not much new has passed.  We are expecting baptisms in May.  

We are teaching a young single mother of five.  She is very intelligent and interested in the Gospel.  She is looking for a place where she can raise her children in the truth and light.  

We are teaching the fiancé of the son of the Hermana B. Her name is L.  Lorna came to church and received a visit from the soc. soc.  She wants to be baptized.  She is a very nice person and wants to follow God more in her life and transform herself into a better person.

I am doing well.  It is very hot here and very humid as well.  We walk lots every day and climb lots of hills.  The soles of my shoes are almost destroyed!

They use old U.S. school buses 

A fruit called guanabana 
A bag of water

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