Saturday, June 13, 2015

Week 49

This week was good except for the two days in which my companion was sick.  We started English classes on Saturday.  I hope they turn out well.  We also did a service project with the zone leaders that consisted of breaking down a dirt wall and moving the dirt.  We were able to find new people to teach in the week, but unfortunately, some of the investigators that were progressing have stopped progressing.  The biggest difficulty seems to be going to church.  We'll work hard to help the investigators go to church this week.  

The best experience this week was finding a new family.
On Wednesday, we were contacting in one of the neighborhoods in our area to find new people to teach.  We met one family and shared a small lesson with the people present. After ending with a prayer, we felt pressed to ask if they knew anyone near their house that we might visit.  They said yes and gave us the reference of their neighbors.  We went to that house and were answered by a 15 year old boy named A. with his father.  They let us in, and we talked with the whole family.  We shared a small lesson with them and got to know them a little better.  A's mother has been a member for a long time and her oldest son also, but due to a severe leg injury they became inactive.  To resume the proceeding events: A. has been going to church with his uncle for a long time, and has a strong desire to follow Jesus Christ and to be baptized.  We later met the older brother, E, who had retired from the church for a while.  He really wants to return to the Church and put his life back on track for his family.  We are really excited to teach the families of A. and E. and know that this has been an answer to our prayers and efforts to find new people and families to teach.  

Aaron and Elder Soleis made banana bread for Elder Tello's Birthday.

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