Monday, June 29, 2015

Week 53

Hey everyone!

This week was very busy for us.  We attended a multi-zone conference on Tuesday.  I really enjoyed it.  It helped me to know the correct motive for my missionary service- love for God and others.  I learned that obedience is important, but to produce the right results, it needs to come from a sincere love for others.  I was also able to see Elder Sigler, an old friend from home.

We put on two activities for the branches on Saturday.  We made tacos for sale to help raise money, so the members can make the trip to the temple in August.  Then, later in the afternoon, we put up a 'tarde de películas' that included acts from many different cultures of Latin America.  It included an ending act about the Book of Mormon and Jesus Christ and how those cultures are connected today.  Both activities were a success.

We continue to work with four families towards the goal of marriage and baptism.  All are making progress and confronting difficulties.  We are planning an activity to help motivate and help them to continue forward.   We are excited as always to help these families progress spiritually and receive blessings personally and as families.  It comes poco por poco, but everything will work out well if we do our part because the Lord has already promised His part through His grace. 

I have been serving a mission for a year now.  I have learned many things and been able to help some very amazing people, and for this experience, I don't have words big enough to thank my family and my Heavenly Father for this opportunity to help His children here in Honduras.  Serving a mission is a difficult, but very rewarding experience.  I hope to give my best in the next half of this adventure!

I thank every one of you for your support, prayers, and emails!  They help keep me going every day!

Aaron and Elder Sigler

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