Saturday, June 13, 2015

Week 50

This week was nice.  We are teaching many people that desire to learn more about Jesus Christ and live his teachings.  A. will be baptized on July 4th!

This Sunday was really awesome because we were able to bring two new people to church, A. and B. We invited both earlier in the week, and both agreed to go.  We picked up A. and as we were heading for the chapel, I felt the impression that we needed to pick up B. even thought he told us he would go by himself.  When we got there, we found B. sitting in a chair without a shirt.  We told them that the Lord doesn't look at our appearance.  He then went to talk with his mother for what seemed like a while.  I prayed while they were talked fervently so that his mother would soften her heart and not oppose her son's decision.  The Lord had heard our prayers and B. left to go to church with us.  They both met new people and learned a lot.  

A joven from the ward was murdered last week.  It's very sad to know how  gangs, violence, and crime rob so many lives of young people here.  Please pray for their families.

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