Saturday, July 5, 2014

Getting Started

¡Hola a todos!

My companion for the MTC is Elder Ruelas.  He is from Edenberg/ McCallan, Texas.  We will both serve in the same mission.  He is very nice, speaks Spanish very quickly and likes to work on cars, trucks, motorcycles, and 4-wheelers.  The other members of my district are Elders Simonsen, Escobar, Hernandez, and Cervantes.  They are all nice and hard working.  

This past week has been a blast, albeit stressful and fairly chaotic at first.  I got lost the first day, but found my apartment and district eventually.  I am staying at the MTC West Campus, which is separate from the main campus.  Most of all the missionaries here are in the advanced or intermediate Spanish districts.  Before I arrived to the MTC, I flew to Salt Lake by plane with my mom and drove down here with my aunt.  Saying goodbye was super difficult.  I miss my family a lot!  The first day, I met my companions and district, went through orienting met my instructor, Hermano Barfuss, moved into the apartment, met the district presidency, and finally, slept. 

The second day, I auditioned for a special musical number for the various firesides, devotionals, and events held by the MTC.  I played "Praise to the Man", and it was approved.  I am still waiting to hear if I will play.

We have class everyday, three times a day, except p-day and Sunday.  We don't learn any Spanish, so I always keep a notebook to write down new words.  I understand most of what is taught, but it is often hard for me to speak effectively and efficiently in Spanish.  However, I really enjoy learning more about the gospel and taking turns teaching each other as if they were investigators.  It is a lot to take in, but I enjoy learning very much!  We get three meals a day (with cholula of course!), and we get to play sports everyday which is also nice.  I am the music director for the branch I'm in, so I play each Sunday (only for two Sundays haha).  I enjoy learning more about God and Jesus Christ each day,and the loving plan they have for us to return to him through the atonement, so that we can be our families forever.  I hope I can spread this message to the people of Honduras through the Holy Spirit and hopefully, music!

Sharing my See's chocolates with everyone. Thanks Mom!

Opening my daily package from Mom!

Group picture

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