Monday, July 14, 2014

Week 3

I´m doing really well! We have three investigators with baptismal dates! I didn´t do much of the work at all, since my Spanish isn´t good enough, but it´s really cool! The food is tasty- I had a big breakfast for $2.50.They drink pepsi like it´s water here. We ate breakfast, and I had to drink pepsi since there wasn´t water haha. The area is one of the nicer areas in the mission. It is pretty safe, and there are a good amount of members.  

My companion says that the new missionaries bring a lot of luck with them because we've been getting a whole ton of new investigators.  Sister J., Sister L. and one more that I forgot her name have baptismal dates so far.  Names are hard to remember, but I'm understanding more Spanish than before.  It's kind of like transcribing jazz. Really hard because you don't recognize the sounds, and it takes a ton of practice to familiarize yourself with the sounds and words and such.  I need to practice teaching because I forget things, and I ,for sure, can't wing anything in Spanish.  I wouldn't want to in English either, but it feels like I have to wing it because all the investigators are different, and I don't know the language well or the discussions super well.  Almost all of the people are super nice and receptive.  

A ton of investigators came to church on Sunday.  The Church building is one of the nicest buildings in the city and it´s pretty nice.  The build quality of the buildings is worse than in the United states so the doors don´t always fit properly in buildings.  I got to play the piano on Sunday.  The poor members are absolutely tone deaf! My companion is nice, but he knows very few words in English. My nice leather shoes got soaked because the streets filled up with water from the rain yesterday.  Some parts of the street were so bad, it was almost up to my knees.  It´s like having someone place a giant shower head in the sky.

All church buildings are fenced to protect them
In the market

My bed

An Elder from our area eating behind bars

Breakfast with Pepsi!

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