Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Honduras, I Made It!

I'm in Honduras right now!  I am in my first zone about twenty minutes outside of the San Pedro Sula aeropuerto.  I received my first companion.  His name is Elder Cruz and he is from Costa Rica.  He can only speak a few words of English!  I'm writing from an internet cafe right now about a ten minute walk from the place that I'm staying at.  Honduras is very hot and very very very humid.  It's very pretty and green here though! I don't know what to tell you guys other than the food is very tasty, the people are very humble, very friendly, and I won't have to worry about safety in my first area. P days will be Mondays.  The missionaries here are awesome, and I got to spend two days with the missionaries that work with the mission presidency.  One of them, Elder Hancock is from the same stake as my friend, Malcolm! I ran into Elder Wendt's little brother at the MTC last week.  Baleadas are tasty and mantequila is a condiment similar to sour cream with a different, cheesier flavor and more runny.  We ate nachos from a street vendor night. They were super rico. 'Mas hizo' means cool here in Honduras. 
At the airport!


  1. First of all, awesome blog! Love all the pictures and details! Second, I know your mission president! Norm Klein! He was a counselor in one of my BYU wards back in 2003. I can't believe he's your mission president--I just love that man. He is so amazing. You're going to love him!

  2. So glad you are safe and happy. We are praying for you��

  3. Love the blog and seeing all the pictures! We are happy you have made it safely and can already tell you will be an awesome missionary! The people in Honduras are lucky to have you!