Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Week 10

Tuesday and Wednesday we had divisions because Elder Cruz had to go to a meeting with the other district leader from our area, Elder Stuart for a District Leader's conference, so I got to teach with Elder Xol from Guatemala.  He speaks a native dialect from Guatemala- it's super mas hizo.  

Due to the Juegos (pretty much a big carnival), this whole week has been pretty interesting. A lot of lessons fell through, so we contacted a lot.  We met a man who builds his own Marimbas.  I got to listen to a bit of typical Central American music, and he even let me play a little bit.  We met a couple of new investigators, which was awesome.  Hopefully, not so many lessons will fall through this week...

I got to arrange 'If You Could Hie to Kolob' with Hermana Baird and Hermana Garcia from our District.  We'll be performing it tomorrow in the Multi-zone Conference.  I'm excited for that. I'll also get the opportunity to help the stake by playing the piano for the stake choir during Stake Conference this weekend.  I get to make up fancy intros, so I'm excited for that too.  

I never realized how poor the people are here... There are people that spend 8 hours working a day and earn $5.  $1-2 an hour is normal here too.  It's really sad.  No one could live on that in America because the cost of living is much higher, but also the living quality is higher.  There aren't building codes here, so a lot of homes are built poorer than a log cabin, except with a toilet, sink (running water half the time), light bulbs (power goes out a couple of times a week), a stereo, and an old tv.  People get their phones stolen all the time.  A lot of jovenes don't graduate colegio (school) due to work, or they just don't want to.  

I tried new fruits, the rambutan and the pulasan.  The mangosteens are super tasty.  Rambutans are cheap here.  They're tasty and only like .5 cents for each fruit.  

Mangosteens, rambutans, and pulasans

I love and miss you all!

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