Sunday, August 31, 2014

Week 9

I'm doing well! We've been working hard, but no baptisms this week.  We're hoping for one Saturday. Anyway, we're teaching a new family.  Brother A., Sister C., and their two daughters.  What a wonderful family they are! They are very attentive and all attended church this past Sunday.  The girls have a book of Bible stories that they like to read and read to us.  It's awesome to be able to teach them all, and we're excited to continue doing so!  We've been teaching lots of people, we have two new investigators whom we taught with Sister C. (their friend, she got baptized about two weeks ago!).  We're also teaching the family of the joven, Brother O., their family is very calm and easy to teach.  His mother noticed how her son has changed so much as he's learned about the gospel and gotten baptized.  He's read the Book of Mormon up to Alma already! Super mas hizo.  There's a really peaceful and beautiful grove of mango trees right next to their home where he reads- I'd like to read there too.  Brother O.'s mom is really interested in the gospel, and we hope we can continue to teach their family! Brother O. and Brother K., and another joven, Sister A.  have been putting on events with the help of some of the leaders and the bishop to raise money to go to SOY, an awesome church youth camp for all of Honduras.  They've put on a movie night in the cultural hall (17 Miracles was the movie) with popcorn and soda, made and sold tamales, and put together a small church dance for the jovenes in the yard of the family of one of the members.  It's been super mas hizo to see them work so hard to accomplish everything! It's been an awesome week, and I hope next week can be just as great!


A lizard

Selfie to show Mom I'm still alive ;)

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