Sunday, November 30, 2014

Week 22

We brought K and J to a baptism.  It was very sweet and spiritual.  The opening prayer was given by the boy's older sister, in which she said "Thank you because my brother is getting baptized".  It was really cute.  

My birthday was nice.  I was able to eat a nice dinner the day before my birthday.  I also bought some fresh fruit.  I got some nice emails and happy birthdays from some missionaries, members, family, and friends.  Thank you! 

My $7 birthday dinner
 Birthday mandarines and oranges yeah!

Zancudo aplastado - a squished mosquito for my birthday.  The Hermana Marziegos (murcielago) gave it to me haha.  It was really funny.  There are sooooo many mosquitos here.

 A street

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