Sunday, November 2, 2014

Week 18

This week was good.  On Tuesday, we helped a local elementary school.  We sanded and painted the desks and the door of their class.  We also cleaned out their drains (it floods there very easily).  It was a great experience helping out the teachers and the children.  The service we gave meant a lot to the school. 

We are teaching a lot of people at the moment.  A lot are progressing as well.  Many wish to get baptized.  We're working hard to help them reach their goal.  A lot of challenges always pop up in the lives of the people here! A lot of new families and people.  All of them are wonderful and special children of God.  It's always a privilege to teach and serve every person we meet.

Elder Zepeda is  a Zone Leader.  He's from El Salvador and a great missionary.  We went on divisions with the Zone Leaders this week.  

It was sad to see Elder Cruz leave.  He was very well loved here.  Many people were sad, and a few cried.  It's incredible to see how he blessed the lives of many here, and I want to do the same throughout my mission.  It was great being his companion for four months.  

I am very grateful for the opportunity to serve and grow from my service. 

My new companion is Elder Salcedo from Peru. He's the new District Leader.  We're going to help each other with Spanish and English cause he wants to learn English well.  I just hope we can keep up all the good work we've put in the past four months with Elder Cruz.

Some investigators
An investigator

Saying goodbye to Elder Cruz

Elder Salcedo

Aaron and "K"

Aaron and "O"

Aaron working on a desk

Service project
Refinished desks

Member mom who takes care of us.

Elder Zepeda

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