Saturday, August 2, 2014

Week 5

Hey! I'm doing super well! I don't have many pictures unfortunately, but I have some awesome news that's better than pictures! This Saturday, Sister J. and Sister L. will be baptized!! Super mas hizo! On the 5th, Sister S. will be baptized! Also mas hizo is that Brother O., Brother M., Brother R. and three jovenes (kids) have committed to be baptized on the 16th of August.  It's very common for bishopric or members to also help baptize.  

What's really funny is that there are two facial expressions here that don't exist in America.  To point at something, you nod your head in the direction while pursing your lips. When you don't understand someone, you slightly scrunch your face, one side or both.  Language is coming along fine! I'm getting better, but it needs work! Pronunciation can be very difficult! We've been teaching lots, and I am super excited for the baptisms!  They point using both heads and lips.  They replace the 's' with an 'h'  sound.  -Nohotroh (nosotros), entonheh (entonces), Han Pedro Hula (San Pedro Sula). I'm working on pronunciation. Missionaries and other people tell me I'm not bad, but I want to be good! They replace muy with bien a lot of the time and it sounds kind of silly haha.  My companion doesn't sound like a latino when he speaks English... I'm still trying to figure out his accent. He sounds just normal speaking Spanish.  B, V, D sounds are hard.  My vowels aren't always correct either.  Just about every single letter sounds different in Spanish.  I'm reading the book of Mormon aloud in Spanish. That's helping, but no matter how much I practice, I need good practice to sound good.  Everything is going well! 

We hope the jovenes get baptized and that inactive members return to the church.  I want to get better at Spanish, teaching, and improving my knowledge of the doctrine. Brother R. is super good at reading and likes the book of Mormon.  Oh, his daughter was wearing a UNLV hat yesterday, which was pretty funny...  It's amazing what humility does for a person.  I can definitely stand to learn more about that from the people here.  

I haven't had fish yet here! Meat and fish are expensive here.  

Church Courtyard


City Street

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