Monday, August 11, 2014

Week 7

Hey everyone! We had three baptisms this week! Sister S. was baptized on Wednesday by Elder Cruz.  She is awesome and it was super mas hizo to see her baptism and hear her share her testimony after she was baptized. Her grandson lives with her, and we hope he gains a testimony of the Gospel of Jesus Christ as we continue visiting them.  

On Saturday, the muchachos, Brother O. and Brother K. were baptized.  Super mas hizo!  I had the opportunity to baptize Brother K, and Elder Cruz baptized Brother O.  These young men are super awesome and are interested in serving missions.  They are raising money to attend SOY (kind of like EFY) in December.  We hope that we'll be able to teach their families soon! 

It's really awesome to see the happiness and peace that the Gospel brings to the families we've been teaching. Next Saturday, another investigator, Sister R. is planning to get baptized.  She is the Grandmother of a member and really funny.  

There's a lot of work to be done and I'm grateful that we have so many people to teach! My Spanish is improving, even to the point that I said "I have hungry"(tengo hambre) to another gringo missionary!  I guess my brain is getting a little bit confused thinking in two languages.  
Almost all of the homes don't have air conditioning.  Many of the houses here are made of cinder block and rusty corrugated steel for roofs and fences.  It's really humbling to see people live with so little! Lots of homes have giant trees with avocado, lime, banana, star fruit, or other fruits whose names I don't know.  Super cool.  

I tried armadillo!  It tastes like pork haha.  A member is going to bring me boa and crocodile sometime!  

Power and water go out for a couple of hours almost every other day haha.  I took my first bucket shower today because the faucets didn't work!

've been sick for the past week with a GI bug.  I'm hoping it will go away soon.  

My piano skills are a little rusty, but I'll be fine since I'll always be able to play a little bit.  The roll-up piano works great.  

We haven't been robbed yet.  It's dangerous here, the maderos or gangsters are throughout the country, but almost nothing passes to the missionaries ever.  We've never been in an unsafe situation so far.  Thanks for the prayers!

Thank you for all your support and keep sending me emails and letters!



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Aaron caught a toad

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